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Are these pellets good for my tangs


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Hi guys,

I am currently feeding my tangs on "Orca Pellets", they are nearly finished, and will be buying some more soon, as all my fish are eating it...

Is this enough for their diet beside the raw veggies that I feed them?

What other Pellets or flakes may I consider buying, beside the Orca?



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Orca is a high protein food - like a protein shake for humans... it wouldn't hurt to try other brands and alternate between the 2.... re: brands, there are plenty out there that are quiet good... in my biased & unscientific opinion HIKARI being the benchmark - you cant be around 100 years for nothing.

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thx guys,

Link2hell, I did try the search prior to posting this, However just wanted to ask about the food I am currently using, and if there are any better out there?

that's all and it looks like I got the answer...

Thank you anyway

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No probs Aymen

there are more posts on food than any other subject I think :blink

some use one brand some use a one brand as a staple and add other brands

some make their own

also prepared vegies or live food it depends on the digestive system of the fish

the top commercial brands IMO are NLS , Hikari and Sera

I have used Orca in the past and found it excellent as a staple food especially

if there are lots of mouths to feed

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