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Alto Comp Mbita


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Really like these guys

Matt it was the first attempts with the new camera so

more good luck than skill

Cannon 600D just set on auto with flash

shot in large format then cropped and resized

You are certainly doing something correctly! More pics please.

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Awesome fish Chris. I will grab some fry in 10years time when eventually get to 3-4cm LOL.. They are such slow growers well done on breeding them and keeping the damn fry alive better than I have achieved with Black Calvus.



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Just to update on the fry experiment


the female killed off all but a few fry at the 2 - 3 cm size

before the male took control and banished her to a back corner

she didn't eat them but had crushed the fry's heads by the look

of the corpses

the male hasn't worried what are left but I have moved those fry

out and will see how long it takes for them to reform as a pair

and breed again

fry moved to a 2' tank with guppies and bristlenose


well what was 8 are down to 2 :dntknw: don't know if it is a resergence of

extreme aggression these fry have shown to each other again but the

2 left are a larger and a smaller again

sent to the NSWCS mini auction


the female has started to come out more and not be hunted back to her

hiding place, this has improved and today the 14-1-12 they are together

at the usual spawning shell ............ one step closer harmony again

Rosco I know what you mean about Black calvus, the fry I had just seemed

to drop off over a few weeks :confused: and they were on the same feeding as

the Mbita but in a fry saver with water pumped in from a small internal filter

in the tank

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