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Tangyanikan's in a 4x18x20


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So im considering a change from Malawi to Tangyanika in my 4' x 18" x 20". Im not as familiar with the requirements for most of the tangyanikan species, so not really sure what i can get away in terms of stocking levels.

The tank runs 2 canister filters, an Ehiem Ecco (The largest one) and a Fluval 305 with Jager Heater and T5 Lighting. Currently it stocks 30 odd fish, but im not expecting to be able to do that with Tangs.

I know i cant stock frontosa which is a bit of a shame, so im just wondering what sort of species and stocking levels will work for this tank.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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You would need to say what Tangs your intrested in ? every one is differant. What I like you may not!

This size tank should be fine for most as long as you dont over stock it & your running 2 filters as well

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I've got a couple of tanks about that size with tangs. Both are similar setups but slightly different species.

The first has Xeno spilopterus, Cyp lepto malasa and young gold comps. Setup with a central coral piece, a few shells and barnacles. I sometimes will through in frontosa fry to grow a little before sale which doesn't upset things at all.

The second has Xeno flavipinnis, calvus trio, juli regani pair, brevis pair +1 and four Cyp lepto mpimbwe. Setup with a central rock pile and a few shells. I'm thinking about shift the role pile to one end because after years in this setup, the julis are getting a little more bossy. But they hang around the rocks pretty well all the time. You rarely see them away from the rock pile.

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The species i like are as follows:

  • Cyp lepto
  • Julidochromis marlieri (Gombe)
  • Julidochromis transcriptus (Pemba)
  • Sunspot Brevis
  • Neolamprologus sexfasciatus (Samazi)
  • Neolamprologus leleupi
  • Neolamprologus cylindricus
  • Altolamprologus calvus (Black) - Congo Black Fin [This is probably my favourite]
  • Altolamprologus calvus (White)
  • Altolamprologus calvus (Yellow)
  • Black Ocellutus

What of these will actually go together, and in what numbers. Ultimately i like the Black Calvus the most, so would like to build around them. Im thinking the Cyps, and maybe Leleupi, and either the Black Ocellutus or Sunspot Brevis...

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i think calvus, cyps (not jumbos) lelupi (or cylindricus) and a shellie would work well. brevis are less aggro than occies

also a julidochromis or chalinochromis species and paracyprichromis would work in there.

numbers depend if you want to breed, for most tangs i buy 6 and wait till they pair off then keep a pair in the tank, although the more the merrier with cyps to lessen the aggro from dominant males- and paracyps to a lesser degree.

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Im thinking i might just go a pair or maybe harem of 4 Black Calvus, 6 cyprichromis leptsoma, 2 brevis, and either 2 cylindricus or leleupi, with the 3 syno petriacola i currently have. Do you think that would be acceptable in terms of numbers?


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