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Back to nature 3D backgrounds


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Hey guys

Just wondering if anyone here has used backgrounds by back to nature and have bought them here in Australia.

Or if there is any alternative that can be used that is good quality

Please share your thoughts or experiences



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speak to Paul Talbot at Majestic Aq. His brother Chris has the distributorship for the backgrounds made in Australia, the name of which escapes me at present. I see you are in Canberra Josh, Majestic have web sites. Not sure if the backgrounds are listed here;


but you can get some contact details if they are not.

Someone else can supply the names of these backgrounds please...wait, "Universal Backgrounds" strikes a memory bell. I think that is correct, the place that used to make them was at Boundary Rd Peakhurst, but they went OS, and Chris I'm informed now has the distributor ship for their backgrounds.

Someone can correct me also if my information is old or wrong.

Hope that helps.

Post back and let me know how you go.

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Hey mate, thanks for the reply

Been doing some more research since I posted and it seems like universal backgrounds is the way to go

Various places online sell them online in Australia

Majestic aquariums are listed as the main distributor for them, but I can't find anything on their website

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be interesting to know the price difference. Back to nature will still be more expensive I think.

If Majestic hasn't got them listed, send them a message or phone them. They may be able to tell you were to buy it near where you live also.

Glad I could help, let us know how you go.

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"Back to Nature Amazonas 200X60

There are many different kinds of biotopes present in the Amazonas, and quite often driftwood or tree roots form an integral part of these fishes' natural environment. Amazonas backgrounds have been created with this fact in mind

$2,339.00 AUD "

I think I just had a little heart attack! And do i understand correctly, that's 2 m by 60 cm? Goodness, you gotta be keen (and rich).

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