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  1. Anyone close enough for their interest to be worthwhile?
  2. Thanks Bradc, I wish you were closer too.
  3. Hi Alan, sent you a PM as requested a week ago, but I have not received a reply. Craig
  4. Hi Alan, Nice of you to reply, and offer. I am looking for mutual help, and what I mean by that is someone who wants a fishroom but can't have one. For example, no space, can't afford or other specific reasons. I want them to be able to enjoy their hobby in a way they can't otherwise indulge. Yes this will include maintenance, but also their fish selection, breeding, selling etc. I will have my finger in this, so it will keep my hobby alive for me too. It would not be fair for someone to just do maintenance.
  5. Hi, I don't know if this is the best place for this, please feel free to relocate if needed mods. Not sure how to word this, or even if it is a good idea, or if it is workable. So I will try to be brief ; Due to a long term and increasing health issue, I am no longer able to look after my tanks. Truth is, I have not been able to for some time. But my aquarium fish are my first love and I am INCREDIBLY reluctant to give up. It would be like giving up on life. So, I can't let go, but I can't hold on and maintain my African tanks/fish room. I have thought /wondered for
  6. Repeat of what Josh above said; the water level in the tank is too low, Raise it and the siphon won't break when the power is out. If the fish splash, keep the lids on the tank. Craig
  7. Very much like the aqua scaping, though I don't like the wood in there. Why is the heater not in the sump? In addition, most heaters are not designed to be fully under water, is the brand you used? Never makes any sense to have the bio logical the first media in a filter as it will act as a defacto mechanical medium. Never seen/noticed a huge down side from doing it, but theoretically, a gunked up bio media's surface = less access to oxygen the bacteria on the surface (and consequently further within it) will have = less than a maxed out denitrification potential and the greater the potentia
  8. Hi again, Don’t mean to change all your desires but I am pleased that you are taking them with the good intentions I have made them. Texas holy rock should be okay from the point of view of danger to the fish. However…from a “puritan’s” approach – would this rock-form be found underwater? Bear in mind the natural processes that have created it. I like the look of this rock too, but I personally, would never use it in a tank for the above reason. I know it is used a lot. Once again, this is “my subjective" opinion. If you like it, use it, but as Buccal (liked your above comments/post by
  9. Sam +1, Link2Hell, and CThompson like the rule of thirds (just as with photography) I didn't know Takahashi Amano was dead? "but the main thing is what you like" + what is good for the fish (visa versa)
  10. I expect that it is not so much that no one has read your other thread but more that no one has replied to such an intangible, individually subjective question regarding your decor's positioning. You say that no one has replied, that's maybe a reply that says no one wants to hurt your feelings . I would suggest that you try something a little less artificial than three separate piles But for me, in an African tank, subjectively; Coral+wood = ! Coral+wood+plants = !! I have said in he past on ACE, ages back now; "just because you can, does not mean you should" (I need a stepping
  11. Hi, If what you are putting in your tank is what you have posted above in your picture, I wouldn't be too fussed about its weight. Think I saw another thread by you and the coral you showed in your pictures there all look light enough to be a non-issue weight wise. The bigger issue if I were to choose would be the piece of coral above falling and scratching a viewing panel in its fall. The slate if attached to the base of the coral will help to prevent a fall. Foam under a tank is more used to even out and level anything that could cause a tank uneven pressure to its base. More so constr
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