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st george closing down need help


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hey guys, so I live on the northern beaches in sydney and i dont know many of the areas out west as a p-plater. i have been going to st george in rockdale for a few years now, and they have been fantastic but i was told they were closing down and now i dont no what to do about getting new fish and all that I have a 4ft cichlids tank. (i wanted it for breeding but was unlucky all my femals started dying so i use it as a male tank now.) so the point of this topic is everything here on the beaches is way to expensive and they have nothing on africans. can you guys help me out with some new places out there that are just as good qulaity, a few mates have said theres places like www.livefish.com.au and they deliver but who can trust them and there prob more expensive. i am just learning to keep fish so take it easy on me with your answers haha.


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Hi Justin

Yes sad news St George is closing I think around Mid November its the end of a era

There are two aquariums worth visiting closer to you One is reef aquariums at Hornsby Reef is owned by Anthony Ramsey former president of the nswcs and has a wealth on knowledge and the other Aquarium is at Asquith again good people with lots of knowledge to help you

Hope that helps



p/s the new south wales cichlid society meets 1st saturday each month at moorebank I know it would be a bit of a drive but you are more than welcome to come along as a visitor and its a great place to gain knowledge and meet new friends

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Aquaristic in Roseberry/Botany has an ok range of cichlids

Fishbowl At Carlton (10 mins down the rd from stgeorge) again has your bread and butter and sometime gets some rarer species.

Newton Aquarium Not a huge range but may aswell check it out

Auburn Aquarium Huge range, but not the cheapest.

Petcare 2000 store in Sutherland, good range of cichlids at reasonable prices

Majestic in Caringbah, keep in mind almost all the fish on his site arent kept at the store so ring first to save dissapointment.

Le Aquatic Lansvale all your bread and butter covered, fish are usually breeding age and good prices, they have heaps of other gear at great prices too

Neotropical Aquariums Chester hill (new store, just opened worth a visit for sure )

As mentioned before both shops up hornsby way are pretty good aswell

Thats about the best of the bunch when it come to cichlids

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i find that the one mentioned in botany/roseberry is quite expensive. Not a bad shop though with a decent range but if your tight you should like to check the others first. majestic i ahve been to which is actually tarren point i believe and has a wide range or fish and equipment at decent prices. As mentioned their stock is not always instore so you may have to tell them first but also their site has some offer where apparently if you bring a printout they give you a discount.

their link is http://www.majesticaquariums.com.au/

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thanks heaps do you know if they have websites or if you know the exact location and if anyone else knows any places they can reply also

You said you wanted some websites, Majestic has already been mentioned, but here are a few links to some stuff they have on-line.




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auburn and majestic are extremely expensive but auburn has high quality fish and very clean tanks

depends what you want best bet is to get the fish at the NSWCS meetings you will learn heaps more as well

the saturday night there is one on

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Has anyone been to St George lately? Do they have much stuff left?

I was in there 2 weeks ago Bruce, the back room is sealed off 80% of the tanks in the cichlid room are empty and all the tanks in the shop are still stocked..

Up stairs all display tanks are empty, but all the tanks and rocks/coral etc are still there..

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