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washed out xmax!


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hi at the last auction i brought a colony of xmax fulu and the male male looked horrible when i got him home

i never relised how nice mine is in comparison i thought i would show you the differences

my one is a video as i could not get a pic (he still gets more colour) click on it to watch video

IPB Image

here is the one i brought

not the best shot

IPB Image

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hi fishinf,

To me it looks like it is a Burtoni which is also a victorian cichlid, I once was sold one under Xmas Fulu from a LFS as well...

Lithoman has a beautiful xmas fulu male which can be used as an example if he doesn't mind :8

Did it have the xmas fulu coloration when you bough it at the Auction, did you check it, or you just heard the name and bidded on it?


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95% sure it is Fulu. my sub dom males look like that also.

If he won't colour well in his own tank he may not be worth breeding (my opinion)

Fish show their colour to show they are the best quality fish to breed with, thats how they attract females.

My opinion is if they don't show great colour they may not be worth breeding. MANY WILL DISAGREE.

he is a staright good looking fish all the same, may just need a smaller male or dither fish to stir him into showing.

Cheers Couchy.

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