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Where to go for tanks?


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Yeah Westside and abyss are both my choices as tank builders. Both extremely cheap and well built!

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My last two fish room ss have all been Abyss Tanks. I have never had a problem with them.

My display tank is a Dalbarb. Way over priced, but much better build quality then my Abyss.

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Had a trip to Lfs today and was quoted 460 for 4x24x18 in 10mm glass with two drilled holes. Thoughts?

based on what i know ( only prices from st george) that seems expensive =\

if its purely the tank i would not opt for it.

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Here u go:

Below are our prices we can also make aquariums to any size you are after.

All sizes are Length x Height x Width in inches


24x12x12 56 liters $40.00

24x12x18 84L $48.00

24x16x12 76L $43.00

24x18x12 85L $48.00

24x20x12 95L $50.00

24x24x12 114L $77.00

24x20x14 112L $59.00

24x20x18 142L $99.00

24x24x18 171L $115.00

24x24x24 227L $149.00

24x32x24 298L $310.00

24x24x30 283L $249.00

24x30x30 352L $345.00

24x32x30 371L $359.00

36x20x14 165L $96.00

36x20x18 213L $145.00

36x24x18 255L $230.00

36x30x18 322L $330.00

36x24x24 341L $249.00

36x30x24 422L $375.00

36x32x24 446L $385.00

36x36x24 508L $1600.00

36x24x30 424L $325.00

36x30x30 525L $439.00

36x32x30 556L $455.00

48x20x14 221L $110.00

42x20x18 283L $155.00

48x24x18 340L $299.00

48x20x20 305L $165.00

48x24x24 454L $315.00

48x30x24 566L $445.00

48x32x24 595L $465.00

48x24x30 566L $389.00

48x30x30 705L $580.00

48x32x30 742L $599.00

60x20x14 276L $139.00

60x20x18 354L $168.00

60x24x18 425L $335.00

60x20x20 380L $179.00

60x24x24 567L $349.00

60x30x24 707L $580.00

60x32x24 744L $599.00

60x24x30 707L $450.00

60x30x30 879L $769.00

60x32x30 927L $799.00

72x20x14 331L $169.00

72x20x18 425L $199.00

72x24x18 510L $375.00

72x20x20 458L $219.00

72x24x24 681L $389.00

72x30x24 848L $689.00

72x32x24 893L $710.00

72x24x30 848L $489.00

72x30x30 1040L $850.00

72x32x30 1112L $899.00

84x24x18 595L $449.00

84x24x24 795L $489.00

84x32x24 1050L $799.00

84x24x30 990L $569.00

84x30x30 1230L $1000.00

84x32x30 1298L $1100.00

96x24x18 680L $480.00

96x24x24 908L $499.00

96x30x24 1131L $869.00

96x32x24 1190L $899.00

96x24x30 1131L $649.00

96x32x30 1483L $1200.00

96x30x36 1678L $1855.00

120x24x18 850L $599.00

120x24x24 1135L $620.00

120x30x24 1415L $990.00

120x32x24 1488L $1100.00

120x24x30 1415L $810.00

120x30x30 1762L $1399.00

120x32x30 1854L $1499.00

We can also make aquariums to any size you are after no job is to big or to small.

For a quote on a custom tank please email dave@abyssaquariums.com


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