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Hey all,

Just Have a few questions About Bulkheads if you blokes dont mind..

I've got 2x50mm (diameter) drilled holes on the rear panel of my 4x2x2, Just wondering what bulkhead size would suit the hole? Would a 50mm bulkhead fit? or would i be best of getting a 40mm bulkhead?

Was also wondering Which bulkhead would i be better off with?

I was looking at these two



Would the barbed Bulkheads be any good?

Oh and is their any other place where i can source them from?


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I personally wouldn't use the barbed ones in the back of a tank.

Bunnings sell the fittings. You need to ask for tank fittings.

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If you get the barbed one, make sure they send you the right style as they

gave me a cheaper alternative, which I didn't pick up because the stuff wasnt

going to be used for awhile.

From memory my 32mm bulkheads used a 38-40mm hole. So I would stay

with the 40mm bulkhead.

It's up to you which one you go for. Threaded ones are easy to find fittings

for and you won't have to source a good hose that doesn't kink for the barbed ones.

Wet earth is the cheapest for them.




Found their stat sheets. Here's the recommended hole sizes:


SFTFT 15mm = 22mm or 7/8" Hole Saw

SFTFT 20mm = 27mm or 1 1/16" Hole Saw

SFTFT 25mm = 34mm or 1 3/8" Hole Saw

SFTFT 32mm = 42mm or 1 5/8" Hole Saw

SFTFT 40mm = 48mm or 1 7/8" Hole Saw

SFTFT 50mm = 60mm or 2 3/8" Hole Saw

SFTFT 80mm = 95mm or 3 3/4" Hole Saw

SFTFT 100mm = 121mm or 4 3/4" Hole Saw

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You can also get them from REECE plumbing supplies or any other plumbing retailer.

If you have a mate that's a plumber than they can get it cheaper on there trade license.

If you're not sure the guys in the plumbing retail will measure up to fit, but I'd say 40mm too if you're ordering off the net.

next time get the heads first than drill. :no:

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thanks for the help guys, I'll just drop into bunnings or irrigation/plumbing store to see what they have in stock..

I was informed before that i would need a 40mm bulkhead for the 50mm hole, but just wanted to be sure ;)

@fish4fish3 i got my tank second hand and already had 3 holes drilled, so i couldn't of got the heads first and drilled :lol1:

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try the st george landscape at ramsgate

their price is also reasonable

wet earth is the cheapest but not easy to exchange if what you get is not match the size that you want just in case you change your mind

if you are using pvc pipe use the green glue

good luck for the set up

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