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BIO BALL requirement


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Thanks for the question.

my sump is the spinning arm model, so normally i think i should put woll, egg crate and bioball under the spinning arm to increase the air and good bacteria.

I also planning to put about 3 L of matrik next to the pump

i prefer the bigger bioball and floattin one with the horizontal line around it (black colour)

I also see the bio ball that has a gap for more water coming thru (blue colour0 but atm i still prefer to the black one.

What is your idea mate?

btew, this is for a 6x2x2 tank and will be heavily populated for my cichlid display tank

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pardon me I should direct my question to secondnatureaquariums


I was going to say what others have, and that is that unless it is wet/dry you could do better than bioballs. Sounds like it is wet/dry so bioballs should work well.

To determine how many you need, find the volume of one and then divide by your space by volume of one ball. Can't remember the formula for volume of a sphere off the top of my head. Theres probably a formula out there that will accurately determine how close they will pack too, which will be more accurate than basic total volume / unit volume.

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