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Matrix Sump


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I have 5x2x2 tank with sump matrix

the sump design is ve ry simple.

water coming in with spinning arm, go to white wool and submerse bio ball. and water flowing to the bottom and went straight to pump.

I put few bag of matrix side by side with my pump.

From the look, the matrix bag looks need to clean as getting dirty.

I am just wondering how often do we need to clean this?


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Yes. As I have upgrade to the bigger pump so the water level is increased, which is in my thought good as my matrix is submersed because of the increase in water level.

If bio balls are underwater - get another bio media. Bio balls are only bio media of choice when there is water trickling through them.

If bio balls are the only bio media, swap over to new media a bit at a time or risk recycling tank.

If Matrix mentioned is already fully cycled, then provided there is enough media to equal bio load then, you can be more heavy handed swapping out the bio balls.

If you want to keep the bio balls, drop the water level - you might need larger plumbing to facilitate this.

Pump is better plumbed in line and not immersed in sump.

Clean bio media when ever it is dirty, but only in waste aquarium water. When seems to not be a critical factor.

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