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Mbuna Mayhem


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The tank is 6 x 2 x 2'6", from memory around 900 litres.

It is filtered by a OASE Filtoclear 6000, a pond filter with a back flush function.


There is also a denitrate filter hooked up, and water is pumped behind the backgrounds where there is media for bacterial colonisation.

The Filtoclear is hooked up to a waking great big UPS that can run it for a day or so.

I took the photo after feeding the fish so probably not the best time to photograph.

How many fish are there? More than I put in. I told them the :rules: , but did they listen :no:

What species? Lets see some guesses eh :lol5:

No haps are in the Thompson residence.

The lighting is the same as the lighting on my big tank, a combo MH, LED and fluorescents - with a separate "moon lighting" on a timer.

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Heres my guess.

electric yellows

cobalt blues







Impressive :yes::thumb You've made me think hard, even refere back to the photos above :roll

You missed one, it was out - right in front of the tank. (yes I'm being cryptic)


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"You missed one, it was out - right in front of the tank. (yes I'm being cryptic)"

what the wooden one???

Craig i think i preferred it when you didnt know how to post pictures, your tanks are putting the rest of us to shame.

inspirational, thanks for sharing

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do you find the fish stay out with the led's on mine do when i turn them off they all scatter in to the rocks

They are timed to come on before the main light goes off, so for a brief period there is an overlap when both are on. When the main lighting goes off, these are still on for a 10 or so minute period. It has been my observation that the fish are not spooked and in fact seem to really appreciate the sliding off of their sun.

They are first on in the morning, replaced by a MH which glows-up slowly, and is in turn replaced by fluorescents.

The occasional times I mess up and the timers are off after I have been working on them, the fish freak out if I just turn the fluorescents off. I have to turn the room light on, fish tank off, and dim the room light till its off. Other wise I hear fish crashing around inside the tank, which really makes me cringe.

Perhaps your lights are too bright or too many for your tank size.

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Feeding time - is usually a dangerous time if you want to stay dry. The height of the stand and tank puts the water level about at face height. I have to feed usually by; 1 open the hood door 2 wait for first big splash 3 quickly open sliding glass lid and pour food into tank and close lid. Followed by further huge splashes contained by the lid being closed. It's not the first time I've had to go to the basin to get the NLS out of my beard. I once found it trapped there while at work...

Perhaps I'll have to bring the camera to the tank when feeding as it was a much dryer affair with them being scared of it.

The usual rush to be first ;

IPB Image

The freak out when they see the camera

IPB Image

Reluctant feeding (camera is still in sight)

IPB Image

IPB Image

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