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Identification Confirmation


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Sorry but not a RTBB

RTBB are like normal BB Zeb but with orange dorsal

RTBB link

looks like a Greshakei to me


I would say neither as this fish does show some markings to have possibly been a red top BB crossed with something else but definately NOT red top BB.


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As much as I hate to say it, I would agree that this fish is a hybrid. The shape is definitely all wrong for M. zebra, as is the mouth. The colour is weakly reminiscent of M. greshakei, but again, wrong shape and mouth to be that.

Possible progenitors could involve M. zebra or related, but may include L. trewavasae (which is what she shape and colour screams out to me). The pictured fish even has a little vague bump on the nose that could indicate Labeotropheus influence.



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Maybe, but cover the lips on this fish and compare body shape and colour.

IPB Image

Individual genetic difference, poorly bred fish, an accidental crossing somewhere in there... all could be factors.

If it were in my tank I'd call it greshaki, but not breed from it. It's a healthy looking fish and a nice colour blue.

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