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I bought this pigeon blood pair about 6 months ago and they have not shown a single sign of spawning until about 2 weeks ago i put an indian almond leaf in their tank.... well that changed everything!

they spawn within about 48 hours of the leaf going in and have spawned 3 times in total now. they have spawned every 5 days which is in really quick succession.

the first spawn i got a few wrigglers, so i know they are fertile, but the male is usually more interested in snacking on eggs instead of doing his job

the second spawn i interrupted them then accidentally turned their light off (to pitch black) half way through so that resulted in nothing.

tonight they spawn again within half an hour of being moved to another tank.

i thought i'd take a couple of quick videos to share. i'm not expecting this spawn to make it because the male didn't do his job again... i guess he needs more practice and then he'll get it right

i recommend watching them in the higher resolution you tube offers

pre spawn cleaning, 'shimmying' and dry run

starting to spawn

end of spawn (lots of eggs missing cause male was snacking the whole time)

your comments are welcomed



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awesome looking fish matey :) once they start all good fromt here, Indian almond leaves are gr8 i have heard, have a little friend into betta's etc, using them, good luck


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