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  1. well that was a good day /evening thanks to all the committee members , great work , everything seem to run very good and fast , we left there with lots of lots and empty wallets , got lots of new ciclids to breed , that we have never breed before . a very large salifin plecko , great deal on food , for us and the fish ! ha . wondered what happened to that lot of living stonii, that started but something was wrong , we like those fish , there were great deals and some high prices , we haven't been for almost 5years now so we were interested to see . lots of brissleno
  2. Hello guys long time no chat , we are coming to the auction , we have been way too busy to breed last few years , but we are motivated again , we have been still running some tanks just not the amount we have in the past , so we have only red empress left and way too many babies . we started up some tanks and are looking forward to seeing what you guys have got , any hints at what your bringing. cheers from rob and shannon
  3. nice photos , must take some more of my frons
  4. not sure how many lots , around 400 something ,
  5. the prizes for the first raffle the lots just before , we started , and the rest are out the back ah the pies and sausage rolls , and lamingtions , and trade table with the fish food and the business of selling fish , thanks to all the commit y for a another great day night . and to the empty bag of water with no fish ?
  6. very nice , gee to have a big enough place to fit an eight foot and some really nice fish , great shots
  7. great mix in that tang tank
  8. yeah i love the gold bars , i have been trying to breed them back up to number again , so far i have thirty in one tank which are just starting to breed , and there parents are still breeding but not often . but soon i will have some for the club so we all can enjoy them the yellows were being sorted , so i love when you have that many fish in a net .........
  9. check out the link below http://www.plecoplanet.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=67 this site has lots of stuff
  10. albino peacock cichlid thank you citypainter , i love your 10 foot tank . and my gold bar looks much better than that photo , lots of gold in the tail and the blue lines in the face that i love so much . pick up my albino peacock cichlid pair in next months fish raffle and some ps gold elongatus bars .
  11. our fish are tough they can last at least half an hour on the floor , remember they are mostly muscle , so a hard floor is not too bad . just chuck em back in asap and cross your fingers .
  12. i like all my tanks just the way they are . that filter is used for all tanks , when ever it is needed . i like to be able to clean and move stuff around , my tanks are not a fashion show . thank you .
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