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geophagus ' orange head tapajos ' prices ?


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:) They look fine, What size are they?,,, $10ea with discount for 10+,,,,, I think?

I got some off a member on here for $10 each 4/6cm,, hey Jackos.

They are going fine.Bit shy,,, but a few tetras & small rosy barbs got them more excited.

Eating well in the six fter now.



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i have about 40 of these guys that are just about ready for sale but im not sure what they are worth.

just wondering if any of the more experienced people on the site can give me a reasonable sale price.

they will be at least 3 - 4 cm .....

How much did you pay :dntknw: ? That would be a fair starting point.

Nice photos BTW :p

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