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Sexing Demspeys, Green Texas and Nics


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Hi All,

I am raising up some juvenile Jack Dempsey ('Cichlasoma' octofasciatum) and Green Texas (Herichthys carpintis). I would like to have one male of each for a display tank.

I have done some research and have found the following:

Jack Dempsey - Males have more body spangles and longer finnage. Females have rounded fins, less body spots and more solid colour on the gill plate. Has anyone had exceptions to this rule? Are there any other indicators I should look for?

Green Texas - Females have a black section in the middle of their dorsal fin. Males have longer finnage. Are there any other indicators I should look for?

Also - I bought a juvenile Nic or Parrot cichlid (Hypsophrys nicaraguensis). What are the things to look for here? I read that males will not have a solid line through their body and that females will all have a blue green head.

I don't have a digital camera of any decent quality and I think they are probably all still too young to sex at the moment.

Any help is much appreciated,


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nicaraguensis images

Put the fish's name in the search above right for info

Thank you dobbin4,

I have searched the forums for information and used terms such as 'sexing texas' and 'sexing dempseys' without much luck to be honest. Most of what I have learned about sexing these species I have learned from overseas websites. I was hoping to receive some advice from people that had raised and bred these species in Australia.

Regarding the nicaraguensis, I have found references overseas to two variants; Nicaragua and Cost Rica. I think the variant we have here is the Nicaragua. Both variants have different physical characteristics with which to distinguish the males and females.

If anyone has had experience with these fish and can give guidelines to sexing I would be appreciative,


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Hypsophrys nicaraguensis sexing is easy

males have checks in the unpaired fins

females have clear unpaired fins


Thanks Chris, looks like I have two male Nics then,


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