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Magic Tank


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September 2007 a 100 litre Dalbarb built octagonal tank was set up, the motivation behind its purchase was to house my beloved Anubias nanna "Petite".

Tale of Woe #1

Less than a year after purchase it sprang a "Mannequin de Pis" like leak.( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manneken_Pis ) So to cut a long story short, I stripped out the tank and bucketed the live occupants. Not a pleasant experience.

Good Service #1

David Crawford from Dalbarb came to my home to pick up the tank, no questions of purchase date etc were asked. He later returned it fully repaired – a door to door service. I put it all back together (sigh) and it has been fine since….

Tale of Woe #2

Two weeks ago on Saturday morning the little boy decided to take another leak…the tank is now over three years old and definitely out of any warranty.

Good serrvice #2

I contacted Dalbarb again, spoke to Ian Crawford (David's dad) and the NEXT day David is at my home with a loan tank to house the tank's occupants. He came back again the day after to pick up the now empty octagonal tank, and returned a week later with a BRAND NEW replacement tank – delivered again to my door!

I spent yesterday putting it back together – big job for a little tank, but it was plumbed (drilled again with the old octagon tank as a template), and I had trouble with the Eheim's O-ring seal, and I had to fix the cabinet door's catch…not to mention I had a whole tank to re-establish.

Not once did either Ian or David Crawford ask or even hint about tank's age. No purchase receipts were asked for, there never even a hint of my having to bring the tank to them.

It was simply "When can I come?"

In this day and age, service is king, but in an industry that can be as a norm, often very unprofessional, service can be in the dungeons. For Dalbarb to offer this kind of back-up to their product is exceptional – inside and outside the aquarium industry.

David told me that leaks in their tank's were not the norm, and that my Mannequin de Pis was very unusual. Unfortunately, in my case it did, and it created an opportunity for Dalbarb to be "normal" and do nothing or to shine and I must say they are so bright when it comes to customer service and professionalism that I needed to wear sunnies.

An unpleasantly wonderful experience that was as refreshing as it was a hassle, and was almost worth the trouble to go through for the opportunity to experience such terrific courteous professional ethics and standards.


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Now thats what I call service! Its great to see a company that cares about their customers and their business enough to help in the first place and even better when they go beyond the call of duty. Glad it all worked out.

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If the link does not work just put "dalbarb" into search engine.

For those interested the link below shows shots of the Magic tank, before the last leak (the last shots in the thread). The photos don't do it justice as it is really hard to capture with the lens what the eye can see because of the shape of the tank I think. When ever I look at the tank it just looks magic - I watch it probably more than any other single tank.


Strangely, since it's rebirth it looks even better, perhaps the glass is super clean because it's new, I don't know, but it just seems to "hold" my eyes.

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