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My Synspilum 4years on

Guest Polarrr-

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Yes there are :B

Bifaciatum cross Synspilum where around for many years

also Hartwegi cross .............. Veija were in a bad way and

Flowerhorns didn't help the problem

still hard to find true Synspilum as they can be mistaken for

Melanurum which are very similar


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I am no expert and the hardest thing is that they all look so alike when young. My very un scientific approach is from years of looking at American cichlids you just get an eye for it . Books ,internet , and in the flesh all help. I personally would not walk into any aquarium and buy any Vieja as its to hit and miss. There are a handful of guys around which you would buy from and its nice to see adults as its easier to see what the end result is.

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