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Does cucko (synodontis multipuncantus) bite or sting?


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I need some guide here

I lost 2 of my net when i catch my cucko fish as its fin stuck at the net

i was planning to catch in the net under the water but I was worried it bite me :lol1:

Done this with the clown loach and i was not happy as they have the sharp fin near their mouth :no:

So is it safe to hold cucko in your hand??? :confused::confused::confused:

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Hey mate,

Good to meet you last Saturday!

You'll be able to to pick the catfish us, but as with all catfish, grip gently so you don't end up stuck by their dorsal or pectoral spines. I believe that Synodontis are mildly venomous and most reports of injury claim a small welt appeared after stinging - having said that though, I have picked many Synos up with my hands and if you're careful, you won't be stung.



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Dont known about venommous ?? but the spike can give you a nasty jab and hurts a lot. The body is smooth and only the spike part of the fins can get you.They do stick in the net but as said just be carefull and no probs. Sliding your hand backwards keeps the spike againist the body but move your hand toward the head and then your bound to feel the spike's.

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