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Caution regarding shells and holey rock


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Hi all

Thought I'd share a few comments about shells and holey rock.

Last night I went searching for my one and only Leptosoma Mpulungu, which I'd raised myself. I lifted up all my rocks etc, but couldn't find it. I did however notice the smell coming from one of my large shells. The shell is not the one shown in the picture below, but is one of a similar size.

IPB Image

Anyway, I decided to smash the top of the shell; it was actually very hard to do, but I managed to make a small hole near the apex. The leptosoma was all the way up in the spiral and dead. Ironically, now that I have made the hole I might still use this shell as there is now an escape route.

I may have to make a hole in the shell shown in the picture above and if I do so I'll try and make it in a position that does not show from the front of the tank because it's such a pretty shell and I don't want to destroy it.

While searching for the leptosoma, my male Calvus got it's head stuck in a hole in a small piece of holey rock. I left it for a while, but the Calvus couldn't get itself out. I should have taken a photo cause it was so unbelievable, but didn't. Anyway, out came the tiny hammer and I managed to smash off a piece of the rock and released the Calvus. The Calvus looked fine last night and this morning, but it's now hiding in the very small cave with and where the female Calvus lives.



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yer,, seen this happen before. Fish is spooked and races into the shell to either get stuck or panic/stress its self to death.I had Ps drive itself into a shell like that and i could not work out the smell untill finally checked the shells. Dont know how long it was stuck there but it was rather a gooey mess. Hole allows air to escape as well.I just use a grinder on terracotta pots to cut however you wish.

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Sorry to hear about your problem. If you have access to a dremil or something similar you could cut out a neat piece of shell where it cant be seen and smooth off the edges with it too. Same result with a drill to make a series of small holes around the area you want to remove and gently tap it to break it then smooth with sandpaper. Its just something I tried on terracotta pots but should be easier with shell.

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Just want to add caution to your driftwood as well.

Some time you dont know if there was a fish stuck to death in the hollow driftwood until your fish starting die with no reason (as you dont know it was stuck)

I have just experience this a couple week back and not happy as i lost a few fish due amonia spike

SO :angry: and :cryblow:

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