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Thought i would start a thread on my 2 6ft tanks

1. 6ft long by 3ft high by 2ft wide

Stock list

15 F1 Kigoma Frontosa

Gold Comps (unsure on amount as yet)

substrate - tahitian moonsand

decor - combination of some rock i found and 100mm pvc pipe

filtration - undecided on this so some advice would be good (pls note no holes drilled in tank)

Lighting - white and blue LEDS (lunar lighting)

Background - Black

Tank 2

6 * 2 * 2

Stock list

15 Burundi Frontosa

6 blue Moori Dolphins

black Calvus

Substrate - Sydney washed sand mixed with crushed coral

Decor combination of slate and 2 terracotta pots

Filtration - 2.5ft sump with 3500lph pump (sump includes sponge, bio balls, and Matrix)

Lighting - same as tank 1

Background - Black

i will starts pic off with the tank 1

neither project started as yet we currently moving house

i will keep adding photos as the 2 projects come together

advice welcomed


tank 1

tank 1

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hey fronny have you got the tahitian moon sand yet ??

if so where did you get it from ???

Hey mate i was lucky enough to buy 20kgs of it up here in Bathurst off another breeder

i have been searching for more only place so far is Age of Aquariums

if i end up finding some closer to home will let you know

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what's the glass thickness Rich?

It looks like you have it with just its middle being supported on top of the table. Grab some fish polystyrene lids etc before you put it down. Be very wary regarding not using polystyrene even when resting the tank empty or near empty on the ground.

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Craig it has 12mm glass

those pics were sent to me to show the tank

i have a stand and foam here ready for it

thanx for the concern though

on another note would it be best to add more bracing for strength??

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Have you seen it filled?

12mm is minimum standard, not sure where the height changes the minimum to 15mm. Others may know this, but my guess would be 2.5 high = 15mm (?). Can't see where I saw I saw it written, but I thought I saw it said the tank was 3' high? If that's the case, I'd be concerned.

If you've not seen it filled, put it on level ground on polystyrene and test fill.

If you wanted to add extra bracing, keep in mind this will mean all your lids will no longer fit, but you could add extra glass bridges to both ends of the tank (so there are still two openings in tank). Both my big tanks are bridged with glass bridges at both ends. With my six foot tank it allowed the use of only one central bridge = two big openings instead of two central bridges creating three smaller opening (the usual way).

I would guess that the tanks been filled before, but as it's going into your house (I assume) it may be in your best interests to confirm construction strength. For example, perhaps it was made as a vivarium where it was only partly filled or was for snakes???

Keep in mind too, that drilling holes creates a weak point, and that the back wall may not be the best place if the glass thickness is a real concern. The back and front are where the glass will flex the most, I usually aim to drill the end walls and base with tanks as they are less affected by bending.

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found it;

6ft long by 3ft high by 2ft wide

12mm glass :blink

Others can confirm but I think this glass is too thin to go a three foot high tank. I think 2'6" is about as high as a 12mm tank can go. I choose 15mm glass for my 2'6" high tank which was the next size up from 12mm which was what such a height tank would be made from normally. That extra 6" could break the bank.

Please seek other advice though in case I've got it wrong.

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