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Long fins (BN) with cichlids (or tankmates in general)


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Hey guys

I know many of you breed LFBN.

But I'm wondering how they stack up as cleaners in a non-breeding environment.

ie. Do the fins get mauled by tankmates and end up looking a bit ragged? Or are they pretty good at avoiding problems.

I'm wondering as the Minister for Finance likes the pretty fins, but I don't want to get them only to see them harassed (also, I may get in trouble if her favorite fishes cop a spanking)

So is it a yes/no/maybe for long fins with tank mates?

And yes, I haven't decided on the overall stocking plan so I can't say which tankmates specifically yet.

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I have kept them in a fry tank with the fry ranging from 3-5cm and lost 8 out


They longfin bn were at about 4cm too so I don't know how they'd fair with

adult cichlids (depends on the type I guess as well). If you did I'd put adults in

and not young ones. I have heard of quite afew others keeping them successfully though so maybe I had it bad.

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