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Come and meet "Fluffy"


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Reminds me of my old red devil, at 20cm he could not have any other fish with him, afew driftwood and a female later, they ended up breeding together producing some wonderful fry, i managed to raise 40 and sold them at $3ea.

Thats just an idea you should look into :)

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Nice fish, how big is the tank??

Great looking fish! Given the size of him, is that a victims skull that got too close in the bottom of the tank? :-)

Yes thats a victims skull all other parts were eaten.

The tank is 4x2x2 and its all his.

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This fish used to want to tear you apart.

One morning my young bloke came running into the house with this fish in his hands.

Fluffy had cracked his own tank overnight moving rocks around.

He was still breathing but only barely.

I managed to get a hose from another tank into his mouth and run warm water through his gills.

He survived.

He didn't even get white spot.

For about a year after that he was patable. He liked hands.

Well now Fluffy has got back to being mean and cranky.

He is not as bad as he was, but he still likes finger food.

He now lives in the house in a tank with larger rocks that he still manages to move around but very slowly.

Thanks for your comments guys.

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