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T. Elloti


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Went up to LFS and they had a few of these in their tanks.

I was told these were allowed into the country last year. Anyone had these and are they common now.

I think they are called Thorichthys ellioti

The fry looked good and was told they only grow up to 10-15cm.

IPB Image

Is that what they look like adult size

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They arn't heaps popular, but you can probably pick up a young breeding pair for 150 dollars.

Fry are $10 per cm.

A few people have them, and are breeding them.

Cheers Mark~

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they are more aggressive than Firemouth's

in my experience in keeping and breeding Ellioti, it's the other way round.

i had trouble keeping Geo's with firemouths because of aggression from the firemouths, but have a breeding pair of Ellioti with small geo's and no problems what so ever...

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with other fish they seem fine but we have found them to be aggressive

with each other in a group at breeding size, unlike firemouths I have kept

that would just flare at each other but not follow through any further with

the threat posture

BTW Spencer Jack confirm ID as T. maculipinnis and that ellioti was now

a synonym, he had some great pics of Thoricthys species he has back home


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