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HELP with gold comps....


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I had to move my gold comps to another tank ...for over 2 weeks i noticed a female protecting a shell ...yes fry i took the shell and 0ut in a fry saver without me seeing the female had gone in the shell and found her in the fry saver also.......now i see her catch the fry and go back in shell ...is she just putting them back in shell? do the females look after the fry and shall i keep her there or take her out?

any advice will be great i have micro worms also baby brine shimp to feed them....


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Hi Litho

what sort of shell are they in ....... have any pics

with the right type of shell you can flush the fry out as

the female will lock herself in the shell, then put the shell

with the female back in the breeding tank

feed fry with anything high protien micro worms and BBS

are the best starters

don't feed anything too big for then to eat as this can cause

deformities to the head especially the jaws


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And you have to be careful when the female is in the shell and you are trying to flush out the babies because her movement can squash the fry! And gently flush them out otherwise a hard knock into the fry saver or similar can also damage the fry

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