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Toga Only eating whitebait


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Hey Guys

My Toga is only eating white bait. He has had one go at beef heart, one go at bloodworms which just ended up making the tank messy as he eats then spits out as they disolve they just float about.

He eats about 7 pieces of white bait per day.

Should his diet be varied or is this fine, I guess in the wild they eat what they can get. He is still healthy happy. Just checking if one type of food is fine for him

An advice would be appreaciated thank you in advance.

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Big fish are harder to get diets changed.

Did you buy it at a large size? What did it eat for the previous owner?

I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but gut loaded feeder-fish are a common way to get the big boys a decent diet.

Of course you run the risk of it not even wanting to eat the whitebait if you feed a lot of live foods. And you also need to take care in sourcing live foods to ensure you don't bring anything nasty in to your system.

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Hi yeah thanks he is a large 45cm+. I just bought some new fish that look like whitebait called silver fish and he gobbled them up. I think he likes the look of stuff that resembels live food.

Oh well as long as he is happy.

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