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  1. Agree to try and drop the water level or change from glass to thick Perspex. Red Devils can be aggressive let alone when breeding. Best of luck and hope all works out.
  2. If it was my tank I would do what I did before. Find several breeders of Pseudotropheus saulosi and build a colony. The colours and interaction of these fish was amazing. Both female and males are nice colours and eventually you would get some nice fry.
  3. She has finally started eating. She ate 3 pellets today. Thanks everyone.
  4. Thanks so much everyone. I cleaned the eggs out of the tank as they started to get like a white fluffy stuff coming of them. Even with the Molly in tank she left it alone with the eggs. However the other day when I got home there was only half a Molly left. I will see how she goes by the end if this week. She still hasn't eaten.
  5. Thanks josh. Who knows someone else may have some advice.
  6. About 50% have gone mate! she has been eating them I think as she has done a couple of number2s that are white like the eggs.
  7. Hi link Thanks for your reply. There is substrate but she moved 10kgs of it to one side of the tank. I have tried worms and there is a Molly swimming in side the tank too. Oh well she will eat when she gets hungry I suppose been like two weeks. I had a Saratoga once and when I moved house she didn't eat for like 8 weeks.
  8. Thanks Josh at least I got one piece of advice. I am still a bit concerned she has not eaten it's been two weeks.
  9. My Jaguar Size = 23cm Sex = Female This is my Jaguar Chichlid. She lives alone and has just laid eggs. I have had her for only 12 Days and I assume she is still sulking as she has not eaten yet. She has settled into her new home and is happy. The first week she lurked around the tank, The last few days she bulldozed all the gravel around 10kgs to one side f the tank. Last night I noticed she had laid eggs. Cheers
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  11. Hi would like some advice. I have a female jaguar that lives alone and she has laid eggs. Do I just vacum them up when I do a water change. I have only had her about 10 days she seems fine water conditions are good but she has not eaten yet. Is that due to her building her nest and carrying eggs. Please advise
  12. So angry at this age. Great video thanks for sharing.
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