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Defence Force fish keepers


What is your onnection with the Defence Force?  

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Hi all,

Yes another poll! There seems to me to be quite a number of Defence Force personnel who are actively involved in the fish keeping hobby.

I was curious to see:

1. How many there are,

2. Whether you sell up each time you receive your posting orders,

3. Whether you take your tanks and fish with you.


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Hi ok ill be first of the rank but it seems that you don't have one for all of the above or even to be able to tick 2 of the defence services rolleyes.gif ........well as my hubby served in the Navy for 11years and then transfered to the RAAF for the rest of his time that was 10 years blink.gif god where does time fly.

I could come under the title was married to a defence personell and now married to the same EX defence personell........ laugh.gif

He now works for the Dept of Defence maintaining their computer networks so really he has still not left the dam thing. blush.gif

well that is all I am going to say.

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Stinkin' chokoes,,,,aaaggghhhh, laugh.gif

Just jokes.

I am currently serving in the army, and have been for 8 years. I am a comms specialist and work at randwick barracks with a whole lot of civies. (defence civilians for you non-military types)

And, luckily, i am staying where i am for another 2 years so i wont have to worry about moving my tanks and fish till then

Cheers, Alan.

P.s, i will be at the meeting next weekend so if anyone wants to share waries come and say g'day.

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