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West African bio tank


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Hi All

was just searching through Google and found an article on a Bio Tank

with West African theme so I thought OK let's read up

the original article was in Italian but the initial post was on a English language site

and this had links back to an English translation on the original site

that explains the journey to the finished product with a DIY background

I hope you enjoy the labour that has gone into this :thumbup:

Aquarionline - West African tank

this links to the US site post on aquascaping


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I though he/she wasted alot of time on the background. I didn't see the point of adding all the little sticks and leaves because you can't even see them! I love the look of the large branches though, they really complement the tank.

The sticks represent the exposed roots of trees in a creek bank that has been eroded

I think it is a great alternative to the common solution of rocks or granite backgrounds

They add a 3rd dimension and connect the background with the substrate in a realistic way

I wouldn't have any anubias on the roots....just on larger "fallen" timber.....

I would have java moss on the roots though....like it was caught in the roots

It is the ideal concept for a background for fish I keep......dwarf cichlids/natives

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