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  1. 1. How many tanks are you currently housing 1@ 8x2 2@ 7x 2 5@ 6x2 1@ 5@2 4@ 4x2 18@ 3x1.5 8@ 2x1.5 2- What are they housing (Malawis, tangs, vics etc...) Tropheus,... Ilangi, Katoto, Lufubu, Moliro, Ikola, Chaitika, Kasanga Frontosa....Moba, Kitumba, Burundi Cyprichromis....Livua, Utinta, Kiriza Calvus...Black, White Compressiceps....Kigoma, Mbita Nigripinnis Kilesa Limnochromis 3- How often are water changes made? Weekly 4- Is the susbtrate siphoned when the water change is done? Yes, and rocks are moved every second or third change 5- How often are filters cleaned Canni
  2. here is a photo of one that i had in my last batch. It had 2 heads but shared a tail, by the time the egg sac had just about been consumed it could no longer stay upright and started to swim upside down.
  3. there is a link to the tropheus E book at me website, www.cichlids.net.au click the link on the right hand side, called the tropheus tank.
  4. Are you simply after a wholesaler or an importer, If you are into tanganyikans, there is Rav from aquatic escape, he imports tangs, and also brodie, they are both on the tropheus fanatics site, There is also Nanda at All Aquarium, who imports discus and is also a wholesaler. There is an all aquarium add on my website at www.cichlids.net.au which has his contact details All 3 are located in victoria,
  5. I use filter wool from spotlight, i buy it by the roll, it called dacron and it comes in different thicknesses, the best grade you can get is 200gsm. Its in the quilting department. Generally costs about $6 per metre and it is 140cm wide.
  6. Mum has a spawning in her barnacle and tonight she was feeding them, hopefully i will get some good fry shots when they emerge.
  7. That depends which company you are referring to, I buy all my inports via Rav at aquatic escape in melbourne. In the past i have purchased numerous tropheus colonies, frontosa Moba and kitumba and the cyps, I have been extremely happy with all of them. You will find his shipment list on Tropheus fanatics site and Frontosa.com.au.
  8. ive got Cyprichromis Leptosoma Livua and very new into the country Cyprichromis Microlepidotus kiriza -Black On order from the next shipment due in the next few weeks Cyprichromis Utinta
  9. yeh long tubes closed at one end, they only need to be large enough in diameter for one fish to enter at a time, they usually back out, so they dont need space to turn around. During the spawning process they will take it in turns of entering the tube.
  10. I have 8 adults living in a 4ft tank, they have spawned a few times now, it just takes time, plenty of sand for them to dig and long pvc pipes closed at one end, also terracotta pipes are good as well. As stated above, mingle these in with rocks. I even have some long floating plastic plants to keep areas darker for them. They tend to dig the sand up to a peak on the front of the glass, and cover their pipes with the sand as well, they love their privacy and need to feel secure. I also feed mine brines as well as NLS. I did a write up on them on my website some time ago. Its on www.cichlids
  11. here is a photo of mine if thats any help, mine are at spawning size. sometimes the females stripes near her gills will darken a bit more than in the photo but thats about it,
  12. no its not a stupid question, i keep all three, but mine are breeding so i keep them in seperate tanks, i have seen comps and calvus together in a large display tank in an aquarium shop and he has had them in there together for quite a few years.
  13. I print out my own stickers, but they also put perishable stickers on the box at the AAE depot. AAE which is Australian air express is your best bet for a one off trip, as you dont need an account, you will however probably have to drive to the airport depot. Most aquariums will sell you a hand full of bags.
  14. I post tropheus out on a regular basis, this is the process i use, I will do a water change on the tank 2 days before posting, i always use pre-aged water. They will not be fed the day before posting or the morning of transport. I buy gusseted square bags, so there is no need to worry about taping up the corners. I use a medium sized bag and can fit 12 bags into a poly box. If there are any gaps i use a few bags filled with air, so the box is tightly packed to minimize movement during transport. You can line the box with newspaper for added insulation. I do double bags and get all the
  15. found it here it is http://tropheusfanatics.invisionzone.com/i...?showtopic=6471
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