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Tropheus Red Chipimbi


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Finally, I got a decent picture that I can share .

Hope you like it .

TANK SIZE/VOLUME: 5FT x 18' x 18' / 270 L

FILTRATION: Side drop with LP-100

SUBSTRATE: Bare bottom, plan to add coral sand in the future

ROCKS/DECOR: Texas holey rock, DIY PVC and Strata Rock (hope I spell it right)

BACKGROUND: No background atm.

HEATING: Sera Heater 300W

LIGHTING: 4FT Dalbarb Double T8 Light


STOCKLIST (SPECIES/NUMBERS): 24 Adult and 10+ growing fry

WATER CHANGE AMOUNT/FREQUENCY: 60L weekly ( tap water with Seachem Safe )

BUFFERS/SALTS: Aquasonic Rift Lake and KH

PH/KH/GH/TEMP: 8.5/18/16/26


The BIG BOSS of the tank open the show

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

Thanks for looking and Happy fish keepin'.

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Looks like your off to a good start and I love the fish! I have a tank of mixed dwarfs and the only color I seem to be missing is red :-). I cant keep these guys in any of my tanks atm so its great to be able to see someone else, tx for sharing.

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watch out for the Sera heater. Bought few a while ago and they don't seem very reliable - the outer glass casing fell off one of them - gave me a hell of a belt. Others just stopped, and one overheated if memory serves me correctly.

Think about limestone sand rather than coral sand, if there is any still about.

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Why do you have the ceramic noodles in your tank?

They would do better in your filter where constant water can pass through/over them and grow beneficial bacteria.


"ceramic noodle" = efimech and though it has a surface, it is NOT a biological media. It is for coarse mechanical filtration. I guess that it is being used to weigh down the white pvc (though it doesn't float anyway).

The other stuff on the tank bottom is Matrix, and though it would do better in the filter where there is more water flow, it will still support denitrification in the tank and may be better with nitrate reduction not kept in the filter.

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Hi C,

Thanks for the advise on the Sera heater. I am quite happy with it, they have heater guard and 5 years warranty :lol1:

I will keep my eyes on the heater.

For the ceramic noodle, the should be in my eheim filter but I change the eheim to only wool to filter all the dirt in the water and I just put it in the tank, just in case I need them so I can use it straight away. ;)

For the matrix, I just put that in the tank from my sump when I set up the tank to accelerate the tank cycle. Should put it in the filter bag but none available at that time. and now I just let it in the tank to have more beneful bacteria in the tank :B

Thanks for looking! :lol3:

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