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In Active Green Terror


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Hi Guys

I put my Green Terror in my new 5ft tank about 10 days ago. I had put in some rocks and all he does is sit behind them all day and never comes out. Ph and amonia is fine. I put in a school of 10 dither feeder fish and he did have a look and then went back to normal behind the rock. there are now only 7 feeders and so he may have eaten them or the filter did ol.

He has taken a few pellets at the start and now is not interested at all.

Today I took the rocks out and he swam around fine started sifting through the gravel and ate pellets off the bottom. He is in no rush to take food and usually gets it later. He is healthy so i there is no virus r parasite ( his poo is normal).

Do I find him a female GT for company, he is about 20cm big.

or do i leave the tank bare for a while so he gets use to the tank and his territory.

Any ideas would be appreaciated.

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hold back feeding him for a few days

if he's hungry he will come out and then you

interact with him using food he then associates

you with food = best friend :thumbup:

Thanks for that I tried that for about 7 days he is so stubborn he did not eat

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