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Weir Problem


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Hi Guys,

Ok, i've got an issue and was after some advice for the experts on here :thumbup:

I purchased a 6x2x2 tank about 8 months ago as I couldn't pass up the deal at the time. Anyway, it has a weir built into it with a 45mm hole. The tank was been in storage for the past 8 months

I just stained the cabinet and began getting everything ready to setup this tank.

I purchased a 40mm bulkhead, but it doesn't fit - just.

The bulkhead could probably be forced through by using the thread and twisting really really hard - obviously I'm worried abotu "stressing" the glass?

Anyone got a suggestion? Was thinking about using sandpaper on the hole????

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Hi The Fuzz

The 45mm hole is for a 32mm bulkhead or 32mm presure fittings only not your standard plumbing fittings

32mm bulkhead and pressure fittings you can get from most bunning stores


Buy the smaller fitting. Thats the safest bet.

Thanks guys,

will grab a 32mm tomorrow - cheers :thumbup:

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Dependant on the plumbing requirements through the rest of the system, will dictate wether or not downsizing the bulkhead is the way to go.

What you need to do is look at your inlet/outlet sizes to your pump (or see the advertised size if not yet purchased) and match up the bulkheads so that there are no restrictions caused by the bulkhead.

Ideally, what you want to do is bulkhead the holes with the next bulkhead size up, then plumb down either side of the bulkhead to match the pump's plumbing size. That way should you decide to up grade the pump (bigger inlet/outlets) there won't be a built-in restriction/bottle neck at the bulkhead.

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