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Fussy Fry


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I have a group of angel and kribensis fry growing up together, they are about 3-4 weeks old now.

I have been feeding them newly hatched BBS - however due to the time it takes to hatch, I am unable to feed everyday. In the few days that I am unable to give them BBS, i feed them crushed up flakes/granules.

I notice that the angels do not attempt at eating the flakes/granules - they ignore it and will only eat BBS. the kribs too do not go crazy on them, however they will eat it when they get hungry.

This has resulted in a size differential between the 2 types - the kribs being bigger than the angels, even though they were born after (since they eat more).

The problem now is that some of the angels havent eaten in a while, and are dying off. The kribs on the other hand are strong and healthy.

Will the angels eventually start eating the flakes/granules? Is it normal for them to avoid these foods when there are live ones available (sometimes?)


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