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Cleanning up the tank with methylated spirit


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I would like to clean some old tank with methylated spirit.

Is it safe for the silicon at the corner of the tank?

I am planning to use used cloth with it and scrub to the tank

Or anyone has different idea???

For the glass I will use credit card so the algea will be remove.

Any advise is really appreciated.


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If the credit card doesn't work too well this is a great little tool we got of Age of Aquarium - works a treat in removing the algae build up


Can I buy a pizza with that too :roll

Metho is fine to use but I don't know why the bother. Use water and elbow grease (with credit card) and hose out when done. If you were doing tank repairs and wanted to remove silicon, I'd say use steel wool and metho, but for a tank that is "aquarium" dirty, just use water.

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