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Geo Balzanii


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G. balzanii, is a stunning fish, with a beautiful, gentle nature. They used to be readily available, about 10 years ago. I would be inclined to believe (and hope) that someone has held onto some breeders of this species.

I would jump at the chance to have some too!

Come on forum, if you know anyone who's hiding these gems, out them! LOL

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are they hard to breed ??

or the breeders don't want to sell them?? i dont see why though ... keeping around 100-200+ frys per spawn

Maybe they don't want to release more fish onto the hobby. They wouldn't be rare and hard to find if they allowed fry out their control.

Cynical, but i am getting more jaded about these things.....

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ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah



damn that was kinda funny, but i like it, will go back underground now,

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