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I am pleased as my meleagris have bred for the first time. I noticed some very tiny fish swimming around two different shells.

I think I have 2 pairs. 2 seperate females are looking after each shell where the fry are. 2 males are chasing each other a bit. The reason I think 2 and 2 is because 2 are bigger in size.

I have never bred tangs before and am seeking advice about the fry.

Should I leave them in the tank with the 2 pairs or should I try and remove them to a seperate tank?

I am unsure if the ones who aren't the parents will eat them or even know if the parents will eat them.

The tank is not very large, that is it holds about 70 litres. I have grown them up in this tank.

After this brooding part is over would it be better to put them into a bigger tank?

I would appreciate any advice that anyone here can give me as I want to try my best to ensure the fry survive and also look after teh parents properly.



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Thank you for your encouragement. I just have to work out how I can squeeze a bigger tank in , as you suggested Bruce, and keep the two pairs together. Lack of space and end up with divorce (not the fish, me) - JUST 1 MORE TANK!!!

As a temporary method I've put in a large cave as a seperator and hopefully they will all survive. Until I get some time to get something set up and let the fry grow slightly before I remove the parents.


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