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How much are Fry Worth $$$$ ?


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Hi Mick,

I had hajomaylandi about 8 years ago. They've always been around, but not in great numbers. Good hajos can be very attractive fish, and the juveniles have good colour at about 5cm, but the fish I've seen lately aren't anything to rave about.

For some reason hajos haven't been as popular as I believe they deserve to be.

I was selling my last fry for approx $5 at 4 to 5cm (8 years ago!).

I don't think you'll get much more in today's market, but good luck.


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I agree with Lee, and am quite confused by dempsey :blink

I had them about 7 or 8 years ago as well, and they are a very under rated zeb. My male had a beautiful yellow / orange colour with a definite purple / blue sheen down the flanks.

I haven't seen any around for a long time, and unless a few people have been dedicating breeding spaces to them for all that time, I doubt there would be many strong bloodlines around any more.

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Wish there were more of them up here in QLD. You're right, they were everywhere a few years ago - seemed like everyone was breeding them back then, just like everyone breeding mbuna nowadays only breed Kingsizei, Demasoni & Elongatus "Chewere" or "Mpanga" (no need to mention E. yellows)

Now I can't even find any Hajomaylandi around at all, let alone good quality ones!!!

If I were you I'd try breeding them and selling the fry - grab a good shot of the male (almost nailed him in that second photo), then use that to advertise.

As Hajomaylandi are a bit more scarce these days, and everyone else seems to be breeding the above mentioned, I'd hang on to them and you'll be able to sell the fry no probs. Some people will be interested once they check out how nice Hajomaylandi can be.

They'll probably only go for $1/cm - the general rule of thumb across the classifieds for just about any Mbuna, but you'll have a nice little niche in the market I'm sure.

Just my opinion anyway. :B

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I bought some juvies early last year from a reputable lfs here in Brisbane.

As they grew they had absolutely stuff all colour. They were a bad strain.

I ended up putting them to sleep.

So if you have decent coloured ones you should be able to sell them.

Although maybe the name Hajomaylandi goes against them. Bit of a mouthfull. No pun intended.

I'm also confused by dempsey. Can you tell the story without naming names?

Cheers Brian.

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i agree, hajos are very underated! i have been doing a bit of line breeding for nearly two years and am getting some really nice fish, not only males but females too. there is alot of poor stock getting around - pale colours and really pointy mouths/noses.

young male about 7cm at the time, ill try get some more recent ones over the weekend :thumb

IPB Image

IPB Image

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