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  1. Hi Adam, 4 to 5cm is a fair size to sell kribs and most other cichlids. If you haven’t sold many fry in the past you might like to consider this: Most fry are sold to your LFS, over the internet (ACE or similar) or through clubs like the NSW Cichlid Society. If selling to your LFS it is common practice to ask for 50% of retail if you are willing to accept credit for goods to be purchased in that LFS or 1/3 of retail if you want cash. For example; if the LFS is selling kribs for $15 each you should be looking for $7.50 per fish in store credit or $5.00 per fish cash (always negotiable). If
  2. Hey Gianniz, I'm pretty sure my mate Cobaltcraig had the last one - but I think he fixed it with some little blue pills Lee.
  3. G'day John, I'm not dead yet! I sold nearly 4000 yellows over a 10 year period. Danny (DKim) bought juveniles from me. I did eat in India - but trust me - what you eat in India stays in India In my experience all yellows will show some black barring when stressed, and breeding/fighting males get quite black around the mouth - but it's only ever temporary. Cheers, Lee.
  4. Hi Mike, A 3 x 2 x 2 is a fair sized tank for 6 Aulonocaras. In my experience Aulonocaras don't get the recognition they deserve and can be difficult to sell. I would put them with something that isn't going to dominate them, is very unlikely to cross-breed and will sell relatively easily - yellows! Msobos are also a relatively quiet mbuna and they work well with Aulonocaras. I've also had success with Mainganos and Aulonocaras in the same tank. Cheers, Lee.
  5. Great looking tank - I love the black background. For those who doubt the size I would suggest you look at the ceiling height for a point of reference. Most residential ceiling heights are either 2.4m or 2.7m. Looking at the first and second photos and height of the doors I would say the ceilings are 2.7m (approx. 9ft). The proportions of the wall above the tank, the tank and the wall below the tank, all appear roughly the same (i.e. 3ft/3ft/3ft). If that is the case, then it would also (by proportion) appear to be approx 11ft long.
  6. G'day Japes, I agree, the F2.8 24-70mm is a nice lens, but at $1625 it's twice the price of the F3.5-5.6 18-200mm ($800). It just demonstrates there's plenty of options - to suit all budgets and tastes Cheers, Lee.
  7. That's a pretty good deal. The camera will almost definitely meet your needs. My only issue is the two lens thing. If you're travelling around OS do you really want to be carrying an extra lens? Probably in a separate bag? "Wow, there's a great shot, hang on, wrong lens! Damn, missed it!' I know it's another $445 dollars (approx another 40%) but if you can afford it..... Cheers, Lee.
  8. G'day, Basically it comes down to 'Canon or Nikon', mainly because they are the two most popular brands out there. Both have a good range of lenses and other accessories (their own brands and 'after market' suppliers) and you would be more likely to find somone who can fix them. I did a DSLR course and I believe the ratio of students' cameras was approx 60/40 in favour of Canon. The next question is 'How much money do you want to spend?' At the top end of the scale there are 'full-frame' DSLRs (sensor equivalent to 35mm film cameras), but these are probably not a good idea for a newby. 'Ent
  9. I like the contrast of the white rocks in the first photo. Plus you've got fish messing up the second layout (they do nasty things in the water!)
  10. Hi Lithoman, Waz is actually more German than the yellows! Lee.
  11. Hi Lithoman, All electric yellows are Labidochromis caeruleus from various locations in Lake Malawi. Most yellows in Australia tend to be labelled 'Lion's Cove'. There were some 'German' yellows imported a couple of years back. They were available from one Sydney based fish trader who operated out of his backyard. As far as I am aware there was never any verification that these yellows actually came from Germany but there seemed to be a lot about and they weren't cheap. These German yellows also had a high mortality rate and many looked a bit 'suss'. There are still people selling 'German'
  12. G'day, Now we know why Brisbane has a serious water shortage! The only thing to be careful with in doing massive water changes is the impact on the biology of your aquarium. It is necessary to maintain good bacteria at healthy levels - whatever that is I wouldn't recommend more than 50% at a time. Cheers, Lee.
  13. G'day Sam, Krellious has given you some good advice, but we all do things differently, if not necessarily better 1. % water change depends on number and size of fish, the filtration you have and the frequency of changes. Your minireef is probably doing a good job. And you acknowledge that the tank is 'fully' stocked. So, I would only do 10% weekly, otherwise salts and buffers start to get expensive. Weekly changes can get problematic if you have a lot of tanks. I do 25% every three weeks on 11 tanks. 2. Chemicals? Prime is good to neutralise chloromines etc that Sydney Water adds to the w
  14. I knew there would be a perfectly valid reason! Cheers,
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