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peppermint pair


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Ive been looking round at a few different catys lately and i found a beeding pair of peppermints between 8-10cms TL. Now my question is how much would you expect to pay for this breeding pair ???

$50 bucks ???


$100 bucks ???

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100 bucks ea is right for adults.

not sure id call 8-10cm an adult,

once they get up to 7cm, they spread wide faster than grow long, theyd wanna be closer to 10 for that call.

Id be weary about the "breeding" thing at 8cm.


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cheers for the help.

the guy wanted 300bucks for the (pair) and by the sounds of it i dont think he has them breeding as i didnt see any fry anywhere.i dont know much about peppermints yet, i only breed common bn atm. i think ill look for some fry n grow them up.

cheers Brett

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You can but they will take a lot longer than common to be able to breed.

They go by age ,, then size,

seen plenty sold as females at 8cm to be males

Sure sign no fry no breeding.

What i mean is at 8cm and $40/$50 your saving a bit and should not have long to wait to breed.

Seen them breed at 8cm ,, just the age counts.

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I paid $350 for my pair. Girl is about 12cm and the male is about 14m. Was told they would breed soon and after 2 weeks had a massive clutch of 100+. Worth every cent to me. Others may say they're overpriced but they are now monthly breeders and great parents. Can't ask for more then that.

Heard plenty of stories about people getting cheap breeding pep pairs for $150-$200, then they both turn out to be males :blink

You get what you pay for I guess.

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