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Im in need of some advice fast. I found one of my gobies today with realy bad fin damage was really off colour and the other one was on the edge of killing the poor thing. So as i scooped him out of the tank to put in a fry net he let go off all these eggs. but i dunno if they are alive or what and he wont pick them up again. So i have quickly ran around trying to find someting to put them in such as a egg tumbler but all of the diy ones on the net i aint got the supplies to do it.

So this is what i have done.

user posted image

Is this any good its the only thing that ican thing of that may be able to help them. Have i lost all hope cryblow.gif

Please anyone with any ideas

PS.. there was only a couple swiming around in the fry saver.

PPS.. will theose bubles be to rough for them to survive ???.

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G'day Ben

I am not familiar with gobbies. But fish eggs are fish eggs - I hope dntknw.gif

If you cannot build a DIY tumbler. Head for the kitchen. You are looking for a plastic strainer that is as smooth as possible.

You need to be able to get this to float at the top of the tank. Use foam and tie it using fishingline.

Then get an air bubbler to raise up so that it is hitting the tumbler at the very lowest point of the strainer. You are aiming for the bubbles to cause water movement and not pass through into the strainer.

This can be very fiddly but it will work if the eggs are moving and they are not bombarded with air bubbles.

The only other thing to be concerned about is adult fish sucking through the eggs, so please consider this when setting up you strainer. I used two strainers, one under the other with the airstone between them. But I am no expert when it comes to using them.

Best of luck


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yeah - your DIY tumbler will have too much aggitation on the eggs and might kill the wrigglers. Best if you can seperate the bubbler from the chamber where the eggs are kept.

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u do mean the Eretmodus cyanostictus zambia?

I had recently stripped my female and found to my surprise that the eggs were so much smaller than tropheus eggs. Luckily they had head and tails (much less developed than yours).

Anyway i made a tumbler using a Hagen undergravel filtration uplifts. I initially used fly screen but found that the goby heads will get stuck in the holes so instead used stockings or even a fine substrate bag.

As Jim said if they are heads and tails they should be ok even if u left them in a fry saver.

Hopefully, all is ok.



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I beleive (From what i remember him telling me) the device fell into the water and the fry fell out and became fish food.

And the one who held is being beaten up bad...

He may be able to shed some more light on the topic.

I wanted some of these fry when they grew up and now they are all dead. I HATE YOU STOTTO tongue.giflaugh.gif

Next time mate, next time!.

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Yes unfortunately the home made thingo was dodgy as all hell, thus it fell apart and they become high protein fish food angry.gif ( goes to prove NEVER do any thing dodgy LOL.gif )

Yes they have been fighting something shocking and the female was in quite bad shape. I had her in a fry saver for bout 5 days and let her back into the tank. I have been watching them over this past week and she has settled in now and they are not fighting as much, she has also started to get her colour back thumb.gif.

Yeah so hopefully again in a few weeks or so I might get another mouthful, But ill be prepared this time laugh.gif .

Cheers Ben

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