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Birds do it! Bees do it!... & so do Killifish!


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Thank you blush.gif

Wow! Simonauv how did you manage to get that much info, there must be a trick that I do not know yet!

Yes the camera is NIKON Coolpix 4500 and the image was taken down a (binocular) microscope with an attachment.

I take images of the dissections I do at work and I needed something to calibrate the set-up! So what better subjects than killie eggs since I got a tank of them in my office and they provide me with fresh eggs LOL.gif



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I also know:

shutterspeed= 1/4.5sec

Fstop= 5.1

You used normal program mode


You used spot metering

Flash did not fire

focal length =32mm

You did a manual white balance

was taken on the 7/12/2004 at 10:39:29pm (what the??? - check your camera's clock)

You used Adobe Photoshop 7.0 to process it on the 5/4/06 at 1.59:47 pm.

And give me 5min and I'll know where you live and what you had for breakfast ROFL!!!

Check out http://ak.no-ip.com/ - View Exif is a program that works with internet explorer to view information stored with the digital image called EXIF data. It is useful for me because I am really into my photography so when I see photos by people like Enigma and I see how beautiful they are I can see how he shot the image and I can learn from it and try similar settings to improve my own photography. All I have to do is right click on any image, choose view exif and the information, if saved, comes up.

All I need now is my camera back angry.gif

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Hi Jess,

Well, from 6 eggs I managed to raise 4 fish laugh.gif As it turned out it was an even split, now I have two juvenile pairs. So in total I have 4 pairs of Aphyosemion australe Chocolate and another female that I raised from a single egg I collected when I first got my fish.

Currently I am feeding up my adult pairs to breed some more from them, probably will set-up a 2footer with 8 pairs when I breed that many.

At the moment I keep Fundulopanchax nigerianus Jos Plateau, Fundulopanchax gardneri Akure and Fundulopanchax puerzli Ndokama in large groups. I do not get as many eggs as I would if they were all seperated as single pairs but still enough to raise a few more.

My next projects are to breed up:

Fundulopanchax gardneri Golden

Fundulopanchax sjoestedti

Fundulopanchax amieti (almost there fry are growing nicely)

Fundulopanchax scheeli

Chromaphyosemion splendopleure

I might have located 4 other species that I do not have thumbup.gif I suspect I am going to be quite busy rolleyes.gif if I get those as well.

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life long quest isn't it wink2.gif

I have a couple of pairs of Fundulopanchax sjostedti and they are in a 2ft tank each. Spawning is going on, but I have had no time to remove the java moss. I think I need to seperate them and spawn them in a bare bottom tanks to get max eggs per spawning.

Who knows I might get fry hatch on their own accord in the few weeks smile.gif

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