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Whose eggs are these?


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Found some eggs in our display tank this morning and have no idea who they belong to.

The eggs are pinkish in colour and approx 2mm in diameter. They are in a cluster of approx 30 eggs but what makes it amazing is it is about 3-4 cm ABOVE the waterline and stuck to the back of the glass.

In my tank I have the following:

Breeding pair of Gold Severums

Breeding pair of Convicts

Breeding pair of common bristlenose

1 female Green Terror (10cm)

1 albino oscar (12cm unsure of sex)

4 clown loach (8cm)

2 black ghost knife (14cm)

4 yellow turbo snails (2-3cm)

This is all that has ever been in the tank.

I'll try and get pictures up later but any help/guesses will be welcome.

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Yep, definately snails. If you don't want a few more snails, knock the eggs into the tank. if you want as many as possible to live, get them into some kind of sanctuary to let them get some size and shell strength or those Yanks will demolish them.

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American's love them - it they fit in their mouths that is.

I harvest a heap of baby snails from by planted tank every so often & chuck them into my american tank - they NEVER hit the bottom.

I'm surprised the Sevs or GT havent tried to smack the big snails about, must be too big for them I guess.

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When I first got into the hobby a few years ago my Golden mystery snails laid eggs on the underside of the lids. I thought that wasps had somehow got into my tank and built a nest so I chucked them out. It took me three goes to work out what was happening....... blush.gifLOL.gif .


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Thanks for all the replies.

I think I'll keep a few more of these so I'll float a takeaway contrainer to grow them in.

Snails are a bit big for the cichlids to swallow and they leave the snails alone.

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