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Terracotta Pots


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Hi Guys

Seeing as im in need of a few Terracotta Pots,

Where is the Best place to buy them?

Replies Appreciated smile.gif

As i really dont know where to buy them confused.gif Im after the small ones People use for there fish smile.gif

Thanks Daniel

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Hi Daniel,

What is it you want to make?

Matthew's bristle caves use a 9cm pot as the height at the broadest width is exactly one dorsal fin height plus 3mm sufficient for the cats.

Roland's pots - I have watched the DVD woot.gif - are 15 -20+ cm sized pots.

Let Matthew know if you want the specs and instructions smile.gif



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Other than getting the instructions for the method Roland uses, which I would strongly suggest, you could try soaking the pot in water for at least 24hours, and then use a chisel to tap out a hole in the pot. Of course it wont be perfectly circular, but it will be a hole.

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G'day Daniel

If you want to cut round holes that are pretty, then I would wait for Rolands talk next month. yes.gif

If you don't care what they look like then use a masonry drill on a pot that has been soaked for at least 24 hours.

Size of the hole. Hmmmmm I suppose it depends on what sort of fish you want to put in with the pots and will they be used as things the fish swim through or will they become something like a cave.

After you answer these questions you may be better able to guess what size may be suitable.

Roland may also be able to offer some suggestions on what he has found works for his fish.

But as a guide if it is say for a small shell dweller then a smaller hole would be better, but if it is a structure for the fish to play around in, then I would go for a size that is about double what they are. (Give or take.)

To be honest the best way is to cut a few different sizes and see which size the fish actually like. They will happily let you know what is best for them. yes.gif

hth Matthew...

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Use a mason drill bit to drill holes in the shape of a "doorway" then use the end of a screwdriver to knock it out, The fix a grinding stone attachment to your drill($2 from reject shop) and grind till smooth no need to soak



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Thx Guys.

Ok, They will be used for breeding, My electric Yellows, they will be around 6-7cm?

I'll wait untill the talk.

I tried cutting it with a saw and my blade went blunt wink.gif lol..

Ok, Will wait for the talk at the meeting.

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