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Hello Mods - Why is it so?

Lee Miller

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Hi Mods,

I am still getting the 'Merry Christmas' banner at the top of the ACE page! Can you tell me how/why?

I log into the ACE site from both work and home, the 'Merry Christmas' banner only shows up at work, and only with the 'IPB 1.3 Final' skin. I've tried several other skins and none of them have the 'Merry Christmas' banner. But whenever I return to the 'IPB 1.3 Final' skin, the 'Merry Christmas' banner reappears.

I've tried various means of fixing the problem, all to no avail. I've reset my 'favourites', nothing has fixed the problem so far.

At home I get the standard ACE page banner.

Can you help?


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You must still have the page and or banner chached somewhere on your hard drive at work.

I assume you've tried refreshing the page ?

If that doesn't work, in Internet explorer, you can go to the tool menu...

Tools > Internet Options > General Tab > Temporary Internet Files > Delete Files

Or you can track down the Temporary Internet Files folder on your HD and manually find and delete the banner.

In Firefox you can get a spiffing little extension that deletes cookies, chached webpages, and everything in a couple of clicks.



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My thoughts exactly Novafishy - we all just think you're extra special and want your next Christmas to be Merry indeed! laugh.giflaugh.gif

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