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Tank backgrounds


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G'day all,

This is a pretty basic one so,

You know the backgrounds that come on the rolls, are they meant to be damped down then sort of smoothed onto the glass or just held in place with sticky tape or something like that? The reason for the question is that when you hold them in place with tape, moisture of some kind gets down between the pic and the glass and some sections stick to the glass and other parts don't. This gives a very uneven look to the scene, and is very annoying (and crappy looking).

Mind you though, the scene looks heaps better when it's adheared to the glass with moisture, but is this how they are intended to be attached? blink.gif



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Hi Glen

My experience with them is to spray the background with cooking oil then work from the centre out on the backside of the background to remove air bubbles with your fingers, then tape the edges down . My one has stayed put for 3 years.


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