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My 3ft Planted.


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Well this is my 3ft planted at the moment... I'm still trying to grow plants up so it looks pretty ordinary, lol.

Also this tank does not have CO2 running on it at the moment, and hasn't for a month or so now, Due to it is heavy stocked with fish at the moment. (Soon to be upgraded to a 6ft)

So Yeah, I use a little bit of fertiliser in it every now and then, But otherwise, This tank runs on it's own besides a water change every week. smile.gif

user posted image

The fish in the take currently are:

7 Angels, A mix of all types, They are getting rather big.

2 Siamese Algae Eaters (i think)

1 Bristlenose (2cm)

1 Whip Tail Catfish (2 - 3cm long)

2 Giant Golden Panchax (About 3 - 4cm each)

6 Bosemani Rainbows (2 - 4cm)

1 Male Kribensis

1 Alto Comp... (2 - 3cm) Named Mr. Bushpig, lol. I know the tank isn't suited for him, But i've had no dramas with him being in there and he loves going through the plants and exploring. And he gets a long with the angels really well.

And yeah, That's the fish in the tank

I might take some more pictures tonight, Stupid glare through blinds... Lol.

Cameron. smile.gif

EDIT: I forgot to add what fish are in it, lol.

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Lol, Well this tanks is my sisters tank *sigh*, All the Angels are hers, Only fish of mine are the Krib, Comp, Rainbows, Panchax, Bristlenose, Algae Eaters and Whiptail.

So a lot are mine, but yet it's still classed as her tank... lol. I just basically have to look after the plants... That's my job on the tank.. tongue.gif I love it though.

Ummm, The light on the tank is just a single Power-Glo 30W.

As for background, planning on changing it soon, As i hate it also, lol. But it'll be changed in time. lol.

Anyhows, Thanks for the comments. smile.gif

Cameron. smile.gif

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Yeah, I am currently keeping my eyes open at LFS for a nice piece of driftwood, One that fits the whole tank, or another piece that will ork with the one i have, I don't know...

I just hate Java Moss, Won't stick to my driftwood. Arghhhhh! Lol. I thought it was meant to grow like wildfire, My plants grow faster then it does. Lol.

As for the Bristlenose, it is only a small one, About 2cm so it can't really do any damage, lol. But i can't save i've ever had a BN do damage to any plants, I had a 12cm Pleco in there at one stage, and it never chewed a single plant.

But depends on the fish maybe, I could understand maybe a full grown BN being able to put holes in a plant, with the size of their mouth? But i'm not to sure. smile.gif

Trial and error i guess. smile.gif

Thanks for the comments. smile.gif Always appreciated.

Cameron. laugh.gif

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Lol. Well i don't know how i've done it... They just keep growing and growing and multiplying... If they are the lant ti'm thinking of, then they have all come from the 1 original plant i bought, I now have about 7 of them growing in there, and 3 are rather big now, and the other 4 have theirs their that are about 4cm long... And they are quickly catching up. lol.

I love my plants wub.gif Even though i have no idea what ones i have, LOL.gif


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Just a suggestion, you could try re-planting the taller plants from the front to the back.

And then regrow some smaller ones in the foreground.

You could also try to hide the filter in the corner with a taller and "bushier" plant. btw, is that an Atman internal filter?

Once you have found your nice driftwood, it will be a masterpiece! good work! laugh.gif

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Umm, no idea what the filter is, lol. It's rather.. HUGE though... lol.

The tank wasn't going to be fully planted like this when we first got it, lol... But it has just turned out this way. haha.

As for taller bushier plants, Anyone have any idea? As i have no idea what plant to use to hide the chunky filter?

Might have to just go to LS and pic the biggest bushiest one, lol.

Cameron. tongue.gif

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