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ACE BBQ Newcastle


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More pics to come.....

We had a really good day. We had 15 ACE forum members come along, and a total of around 35 people including family members. Everybody took home a good prize from the sponsors and with all the member donations of fish and drygoods, everyone got at least 2 other small gifts. clap.gif

Nannat took out the accuracy throw and me and Mezzacam came a dead heat in the distance throw with Cam winning the "throw off" laugh.gif

Looking forward to the next one now!

user posted image

Shell, Shane, Mezzacam, Cichlid KB, Joe, Forsterfish, Fishouse, ErisKSC, Nannat, Stotto, Bucky, Andy. Not pictured: Kate, Mawfish, Iamking.

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Hey everyone.

Just wanted to say many thx to Andy for doing a great job in organising the BBQ today. I personly had a great day meeting and greeting people and putting names to faces. So i think Andy needs a big congrats on doing a great job (and to do it with a new bub is a great accomplishment) clap.gifclap.gif. Also a big thx to Adrian and the other members for all the prizes they donated well done to thumb.gifthumb.gif . I hope today becomes a regular thing well atleast once a year any ways.

Also a big thx to ACE for putting this event on hope all the states had good turn outs to thumb.gif

Many thx to the organisers of the event.


EDIT was ment to be seperate topic

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OMG! Where's the shot of my boot landing further then yours! Lol. I want to remember this moment. I did some whooping tongue.gif My stratergy, was to do the short throw, Just get in the top 2, and then bust out the big guns for the final throw. laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif man, what a fun day.

Also Joe would have won the "Who can throw the boot highest competition" LOL. Up she went.. lol.

I reckon, the person with the best technique had to be Evan.. lol. Good fun.

It was such a great day... And i actually won some things... Lol. I never win anything. wub.gif

So it was an awesome day, thanks to the sponsors and the organiser, Andy! great fun!


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Ya gotta love that pic of Joe lol. Tell you what if there was a comp for hight and not for distance Joe would have smashed us all. lol laugh.gif

Yep Evan had the best technique. It was those laces wasnt it they were to long lol

the technique award deff goes to Evan

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OMG! Where's the shot of my boot landing further then yours!

There can't be a shot because yours didn't land further. laugh.gif

We both had 27.5 and you won the throw off with 25 and me 23 wink.gif

Looking back, maybe we should have changed two things:

1. Not had the comp throwing into the wind

2. Not used Doc Martins boots (they are a bit un-aerodynamic LOL.gif )

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Wish I had of been on the net more often during the move to Berowra Heights so I could of went. Since I'm still paying double rent you could probably say that Jodie and I are still living in Newie smile.gif .

Glad to see that everyone had a good day though thumb.gif .

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