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Drums (big square white)


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Hi Guys -

Anyone know where I can buy a square drum (the large cube shaped ones) in the steel cages. Yes, I know a certain "user" sells them... and no - I dont want to purchase there LOL!

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Hi Yew

The other place that sells them is at Girraween near Greystanes.

The address used to be on the old site, saw it recently but have forgotten where unsure.gif

The price I paid was $200 per (I think, some years ago now)



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Ring Bruce, 9636-8735 at 8 wiltona pl Girraween.

Not sure of the price now for this size container (1000l) but my memory pops up $125.

Make enquires as to what the previous contents were, and if there is a choice, choose the better one. I expect it will need lots of washing.


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